Easily place your order online or connect with us directly for personalized assistance. To streamline your order process, visit our website and browse through our selection of Standard or Art designs. Utilize cutting-edge industry technology to determine the precise measurements required for your custom shower panel, tailored to your unique space.

We understand that some may prefer a more hands-on approach. If you prefer a personal consultation, don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Whether you require standard sizes or custom dimensions, we've got you covered. Measure each panel necessary for your shower or above your bathtub.

During measurement, ascertain the maximum width and height for each wall without specifying exact sizes. Typically, panels are customized to fit the width or length of your shower tray or bathtub.

If extending panels beyond the enclosure, ensure to measure the full height down to the skirting or floor. Trim panels accordingly to accommodate tray height during installation.

When ordering, specify the size for EACH panel required. Our system will ensure seamless alignment across all panels for a cohesive finish.

During installation, panels can be trimmed using standard power tools to accommodate areas such as sloping ceilings or beams.

Feel free to provide a sketch of your bathroom or shower layout via email for tailored guidance.

We offer custom-cut sizes to match your exact specifications, including some of the widest panel options available, without mentioning specific dimensions. Ensure your space can accommodate these sizes for a flawless, hygienic, and visually striking result.

Align panels for wider walls or extend them beyond the enclosure. Conceal joints behind shower glazing channels or choose printed T-strips for a unified appearance.